La Metacognizione - A Freebie


One way to define la Metacognizione, metacognition, is knowing about knowing.

Here's another interpretation:
Metacognition This is a fun poster created for Bissett Elementary School in Edmonton. Apart from the lens flares created in PhotoPAINT, everything was created in CorelDRAW 9. Ron Richey © 2003

When teaching, we should model appropriate strategies so students will know how and when to apply them.
When grading writing, I don't make corrections on my student's work(a good writing exercise for me, but over my career I continued to wonder if the students were paying attention to what I wrote). Instead, I highlight the "good parts" which initially bewilders my novice students. I find by 'turning the tables' they become intrigued and desire to get more highlighting on their next writing. This freebie metacognition reflection from my TPT shop puts the error correction responsibility on them puts and helps bridge the gap to having un mare giallo sul compito[a sea of yellow on the assignment].

Hope you find today's freebie useful in your Italian classroom!

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