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For All Classrooms
  • Category Review Activity
  • Motivational Quote Poster FREE
  • Formality Labels FREE
  • Goals Buts Scopi FREE
Holidays and Feasts

The Calendar
  • I giorni bulletin board poster
  • Giorni Mesi Feste Flashcards FREE
  • I giorni ed i mesi Puzzle
  • I giorni PPT and handout
  • Italian Introductory Vocabulary

The Weather
  • Il tempo puzzle and flash cards

Green Eggs and Ham
  • Prosciutto e Uova Verdi Vocabulary
  • Prosciutto e Uova Verdi Exit Slip FREE
  • Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon Exit Sleip FREE
School Subjects
  • Le Materie Bundle
  • Le Materie Cornell Notes

School Objects
  • Oggetti dell'aula tombola
  • Oggetti dell'aula cooperative learning activity
  • Oggetti dell'aula role play
  • Oggetti dell'aula flashcards
High Frequency Vocabulary
  • L'imperativo Practice PPT 
  • Introduction to Connaitre et Savoir PPT
  • Introduction to Conoscere e Sapere PPT
  • Italian Present-Tense Verb Endings Chart FREE
  • Italian Present-Tense Verb Horizontal Conjugation Packet
  • Italian Common Verb Synonym and Antonym Practice
  • Gender Sorting Mats


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