Italian Horizontal Verb Conjugation and TPT Sale!


Conjugating. the bane of many novice Italian language students whose L1 is English. Help make their life a little easier with this present-tense verb horizontal conjugation packet. This packet includes 125 important verbs with each of the following forms represented on 2 pages: infinitive, 1st person singular, 2nd person singular, 3rd person singular, 1st person plural, 2nd person plural, and 3rd person plural. This packet also includes 13 pages of 10 to a sheet flashcards of the infinitives, a Cornell Note sheet for noting how verbs work in Italian, and Verb flower conjugation charts.

Italian Present-Tense Verb Horizontal Conjugation Packet
This Tuesday and Wednesday, TPT is having its annual Teacher Appreciation Day Sale and is offering a 10% coupon code.

 My shop and many others will be on sale for 20% off for a grand total of 28% off your purchase!

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