The Calendar Unit (includes like to a Freebie)


Here are somethings I do when teaching the calendar unit in my Italian One Class.

Obviously we take notes!
I stray from my usual Cornell Notes to use these visuals on the student handout and Powerpoint presentation

We read chiusin-chiusino:

Display the days of the week and move the markers for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We practice the vocabulary by playing with the triangle puzzle that I print onto cardstock. When finished it looks like this:

Another practice activity is the use of Flashcards (follow link to a freebie from my shop) to quiz each other or to play POP up!

How to play POP up:
  • print, laminate and cut out two sets of flashcards (in different colors)
  • divide the class into 2 teams
  • say the word in English or some other definition
  • the first student who has the cards, POPS up out of his seat and says the term in Italian wins the point for his team
Learn about the holidays celebrated in Italy including the importance of the celebration of the onomastico with the Feste Powerpoint presentation and Feste Note coming soon to my TPT shop!

Fill out a calendar with the months, days(beginning the week with Monday, of course) and Italian holidays all labelled in Italian. I just googled a blank calendar and made enough copies for each child to have enough. Here's a page completed by one of my current students.

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