Tecnologi-ovedì: Do you know Teacher's Pet?


Today is the debut of Tecnologi-ovedì, a Technology Thursday. This will be initially a bimonthly feature and then will occur as life allows.

So, do you have a teacher's pet? This one is is waiting to be your new best friend.

It's not an animal, vegetable, mineral, nor is it a student of mine. You can find it here:
image from

"With Teacher's Pet you can quickly and easily make perfectly-suited worksheets which are fully-editable all from one compact toolbar in your word processor. Developed by a teacher, it includes a crossword puzzle maker, bingo cards maker, jumble maker, word search puzzle maker, flashcard maker and much more."
It is a packaged set of macros for MS Word or OpenOffice, that is free, except for 4 of the premium tools . These four 'premium' tools are available to use three times on a trial basis unless you register and pay the fee for the upgrade. I've used it in Word on my previous machines and use it in Open Office now. The interface varies only slightly between the time.The time I have saved over the years  is well worth the nominal fee to upgrade. I'm always finding new ways to use it in worksheet creation and I'm sure you will too!

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