Teaching and practicing how to tell time in italiano


Is reading an analog clock a lost art? NO! This year's Italian 1 crew demonstrated that they do know how to tell time on the pre-assessment so it will be very easy to transfer their knowledge over to la BellaLingua.

  • I introduce telling time with a big teacher clock. The students take notes on my telling time Cornell Note sheet.
  • We practice using student size clocks as well as with a powerpoint from Paul Widegren, he teaches Spanish, but there is only one or two slides that has words.
  • We've practiced showing the correct time on clocks from Lakeshore Learning.
  • We calculated what time it was in various locations around the world using a pdf I found on this Australian site with lots of FREE! great resources for beginning language skills in several languages.
  • We threw a koosh ball at the SMARTboard to pick clocks to read aloud using a file from the Smartboard Teacher Exchange
  • We completed a cloze activity with the lyrics to Mezzogiorno by Jovanotti and enjoyed viewing the different official videos for this song.

On the loooooooooooonnnnnnnnng day of rotation, we did learning stations.

Do you like my new baskets from Dollar Tree?
  • Telling Time Bingo (from Discovering French catalog) I made a set of "call cards" in Italian because this set only has French, Spanish, German

  • Telling Time Uno (from a homeschooling group)

  • Telling Time Puzzle matching orario normale with orario ufficiale (available in my TPT store) 

  • This PIN-Spired activity I'm naming Tell and Show You Know: One student will clip the time words(clothespins) onto the popsicle sticks and the other student will set that  time on the clock manipulative. 

  • A writing activity about a typical day of their life(from the above referenced Australian site) 

  • A reading comprehension activity using TV/cinema schedules from the book Tocca A Te! After finishing this unit, I found this scheda that I'm going to incorporate as well next time I do this unit.

  • Telling time online games @ the classroom computer. 

How do you teach telling time in your World Language Class? What interesting activities do you do?

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