Must I be formal with you?


Dare del Lei,
Tratar de Usted,
don't let convention badges go wasted,
budding linguists can wear them for role-play!

I know my students need to be reminded to use formal modes of address regularly. Do yours?
A presenter at ACTFL mentioned as an aside that she re-uses her convention badges with labels with the formal "YOU". She randomly gives them out when students are mingling to practice conversational skills. I immediately began using this clever tip as you can see-- I'm also using some thrift store ties for this purpose.

My freebie today is a set of French, Italian and Spanish Formality cards to be used in badges as shown in my pictures or anything else you come up with(I'd love to hear what you use them for!)

P.S. My  birthday is this Sunday-- my birthday/Easter gift to you is that my whole TPT shop will be on sale. Buona Pasqua!

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