Mi piacciono prosciutto e uova verdi!


Are you celebrating Read Across America?

I do by reading Prosciutto e Uova Verdi to my Italian 1 students.

I only have one copy, so as I do whenever I read from a story book, I took pictures of each page with my Iphone and pasted them into SMARTNotebook for viewing on our classroom SMARTboard.

We will first take vocabulary notes, Cornell Note style. 

Then I will read them the book, asking questions, etc.

And then they will complete one of the following 2 exit slips(or plenary for those of you across the pond). This will be a freebie forever! It was inspired by an activity at

I made it with the  Doctor Soos font

If you're looking for a natural green eggs and ham recipe, you can find one here.

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