il Pomodoro


Hey ladies, it's our day!  International Women's Day.

Here's an interesting post about Women in Italy.

In Italy, people give ladies mimosas, which are yellow flowers.

To celebrate, I invite you to enjoy Viva la pappa al pomodoro! So catchy, so sassy!

Do you know about the Pomodoro Technique? I learned about it on an episode of the Knitpicks podcast.
Yes, I'm a knitter! You can find me on Ravelry as "ermellina"

 It was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s to help you use your [precious] time wisely. I resort to this technique on those days when it's hard to get going on all the tasks I need to do after-school.

There are five objectives to accomplish to qualify as a Pomodoro Technique Master. You can download the manual about the method in italiano and other languages here.

There's a few apps available for your phone, too. I use  itomato.  I also use it during class as a timer.

Time to make some sugo with my favorite tomatoes! BTW, I refuse to engage in the gravy versus sauce debate.

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