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Clutter Free Teacher Area!


I did it! I did not fall of the clutter free classroom wagon. Life has been hectic with the flu making its 2nd and 3rd round through my family--but I am well on my way in getting everything organized.

I like my teacher area to be in the corner of the room. I don't teach from my desk, I use it for storage and for working.  Inspired by this challenge, I relocated several of my teaching ancillaries. I also grouped my supplies into the pink box so they don't overtake my work area.

And to show that I am still perservering, I have also accomplished...

I have decided to adopt CFC's method. I have a Martha Stewart  13 pockets Accordion File from Staples like this one:
I have a pocket for graded work from each of my 5 classes, read me, work on this, file, photocopy, outgoing, upcoming lesson creation, TPT projects, home.

I keep ungraded work binder clipped together by assignment type. Once it's graded, I sort it by class, enter it into our online gradebook, and place it into the correct pocket.

Pssst! The tredicesima sale will be in three days! Also, there will be another one day sale on my birthday, which falls on Easter this year.

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