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Che tempo fa?


After working on the weather vocabulary in class and before the assessment, we did learning stations for the (gulp!) first time in Italian 1 class[though I've done them a few times in French II]. I average about 28 students per class, so I prepared 8 stations for them.

Learning Stations!? You probably already have all the materials you need to set up learning stations in your collection of didactic materials. 

Desks were arranged in groups of 4. At each grouping I placed a labelled folder with the activities/supplies needed to complete the station activities.

I. Cultura: The Culture station was at the computer. I connected a headphone station to the computer and the children watched a segment from L'albero Azzurro on RAI that played selections from Le Quattro Stagioni.

II.Scrittura: A worksheet photopied from one of the old worksbooks we have and students also had to compose a calligram using weather or season vocabulary.

III.L'ascolto: Once again, I used an activity from yet another defunt textbook. I couldn't find the audio CD so I recorded it with my son, Tommaso(which the students got a kick out of!).

 IV. Vocabulary Station A: The students played two vocabulary games that I obtained from ESL websites. I'm sorry but I don't remember which ones.

 V. Vocabulary Station B:There were two activities at this station as well. Nomenclature cards that I downloaded from Mammafelice and my weather puzzle available in  my TPT store.
 Thanks to Pinterest, next time I use my nomenclature cards my students will arrange them on my pretty pocket chart stand. I used the directions from this First Grade and Fabulous post(except I used .5 diameter materials and covered the pipe in pretty duct tape.) I found the pocket chart in the dollar spot at Target this summer.

VI. Grammatica: At this station I had cards with the weather vocabulary and various sorting mats: by season, good or bad weather, and noun or verb.
 VII. Lettura: Yet another worksheet from an old workbook which had a forecast from the newspaper and questions. I also included a libretto delle stagioni for them to peruse if there was extra time.
 VII. Conversazione: To warm up, the students spun the spinner and identified the weather.

Then, they did a Cooperative Learning Game called Match Mine.

 I collected work from the 3 stations where writing was required and observed  behavior at the other stations. Next time, I will give the students a checklist of the stations(which I already have been doing for French) and have them put their work in a folder for ease of collection. Do you do learning stations in your language class?


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